Registration form 2016 – 2017 programs
Registration Form 2016-2017

New Student Information form for 2016 – 2017 programs.
New Student Information Form



Registration letters & form will be mailed home end of August to all students enrolled in our Program last year. Please return to office by Sept. 7.   Classes begin Monday, Sept. 26, 2016.  Please check the church bulletin for ongoing information.

NEW PARISHIONERS: we look forward to meeting you and you are welcome to become a part of the program. Contact the office 673 4107 for registration info.

Fee: $30/child with a family rate of 3 or more children $90.00 Scholarships are available.

For Registration Form only for grades 1-8, see above, please download (1 pg.)

For incoming 1st Graders or if you are new to Parish and Program, see above “New Student Information” form – please download (2 pgs)

For more info call Renee O’Connor 673-4107 or email renee@cnymail.com



Preparation begins in the Fall of 2nd grade. Both sacraments consists of a Home Study program, classes, beginning in the Fall and registration letters are mailed to the enrolled 2nd graders in the release time program.

This is open to all parish families and if your child attends a school other than Marcellus, i.e., OCS, West Genny, Skaneateles, etc. please call the office 673-4107 to enroll your child.

Each sacramental program consists of two Sunday afternoon workshops for both parent & child with some additional activities.

Fee: $30.00 for each sacrament. Scholarships available. For more info call the office 673-4107.



This is a two-year program. Classes are held on one Sunday each month during the school year:  Registration meeting Sunday, Sept. 18, 2016.  Informational/registration letters mailed home to 8th graders enrolled in last year’s religious ed classes.  This is open to all parish families and if your child attends a school other than Marcellus, i.e., OCS, Skaneateles, West Genesee, Bishop Ludden, etc., please call Mrs. Schoeneck or Mrs. Manke see below for contact information

Yr. 1    3- 5 pm

Yr. 2    6- 8 pm

For more info contact: Kristin Schoeneck 673-4693 or Maureen Manke 685-0251  email:  sfxconfirmation1@gmail.com

There is a $30/year fee. Scholarships available.