Faith Formation

 GRADES  4-5-6

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Text:  Pflaum Gospel Weeklies Faith Formation Program., Venture Series (Lectionary based curriculum)

Virgin Mary Pilgrim Program    (5th Grade)

This program  begins 2nd semester is offered to 5th grade students and their families, encouraging devotion to our Blessed Mother and Rosary. Each week a different student brings home a statue of Mary along with information about Mary and the Rosary.   We will resume this program when we’re able to have classroom sessions.


Grade 4: “Angel Blankets” The 4th graders save their nickels and dimes and at the end of the year, purchase baby blankets for the Lullaby League.

Grade 5: “Pencil Pals” All year the students are reminded to bring in new school supplies and they are then sent to inner-city schools.

Grade 6:  “Caring Cards”  The students remember the elderly and shut-ins by making holiday greeting cards.

Grades 1-8: “Mittens for Jesus” Immediately after Thanksgiving we invite the children to bring in new mittens or gloves to decorate a special Christmas tree. We encourage the children to earn the money themselves.

We welcome your involvement in our Programs, please call Renee O’Connor 673 4107 for more details.