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Ordinary Time

Dear parish family,

We are at the time in the Church Liturgical calendar that is called ‘Ordinary Time’  Ordinary time is broken into two parts:  the time from Easter to Advent and the time from Christmas to Lent.  The Liturgical color is green, a color that represents hope and promise.

Although it is called Ordinary Time, there is nothing ordinary about the message of this Liturgical season.  We focus on the public ministry of Jesus;  His teaching, miracles and call of the disciples and Apostles. We take the time to reflect, ponder and pray over each year the gift of Jesus’ public ministry and the message of the Good News of His Gospel. Hearing His teaching of the disciples (and us) by both word and deed and ultimately preparing them (and us for the Glory of His Cross and the wonder of His Resurrection.

God Bless,

Fr. Dan

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