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We are committed to fostering spiritual growth and to responding to the human needs of both our faith community and the larger community by sharing our gifts and resources.


Palm Sunday – The Passion of the Lord

In keeping with the current restrictions on distribution of Holy Communion, the distribution of palms should likewise not take place until public masses and distribution of Holy Communion resumes. There is little or no control over the spread of the virus either by passing out palms to cars driving by or by allowing people to pick them up in the church. More importantly the distribution of palms should not be presented as a substitute for the sacrament of the Eucharist for which the faithful must currently abstain.
-Federation of Diocesan Liturgical Commission

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From Fr. Dan:

March 27, 2020

Dear St. Francis Family,

I hope and pray that this letter finds you well. I want to keep in touch and assure you that you are all in my payers every day. Even though we cannot gather for the Eucharist, you can still watch the Mass on Television or on the internet. Katherine has listed the links on Facebook page and parish website. Our church is open daily from about 8 AM to 5 PM for reflection and private prayer; please sit in the front pews as indicated by the signs. You can find a print copy of the bulletin when you visit church. I also ask that you be aware of our Senior parishioners who might need a little help or a family member who might be isolated a phone call or a card I am sure would be greatly appreciated. While it is necessary to keep our distance physically, we are still together spiritually and as a family.

If you are in need of the Sacrament of confession, or have any other question or concern, please call the Rectory at (315) 673-2531 and we can make the appropriate arrangements.

For all who are wondering, the Psalms for Palm Sunday arrived yesterday. I am not sure how we will make them available on Palm Sunday, but we will let you how when and how you can get your Palms.

One final item; if you are at all able, please remember your weekly contributions. We still have bills to pay and salary to meet. You can mail or put the envelope through the mail slot in the Rectory front door.

I hope to see you all together in Church again soon, God willing.

Thank you and God bless you.

Fr. Dan

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