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We are committed to fostering spiritual growth and to responding to the human needs of both our faith community and the larger community by sharing our gifts and resources.


A note from Fr Dan 3/19/23

Dear parish family,
Last Sunday evening I had the privilege of being part of the Master Touch Ecumenical Service. First, I would like to thank the Marcellus United Methodist for being the host and the Marcellus Ecumenical committee for doing the planning and preparation. The event was much more than a concert; although the music was wonderful and the singing spectacular; it was a prayer experience. interspersed with the music were readings from Scripture, secular readings and shared prayer responses focused on Our Lord’s Passion. Afterwards there was a time of shared fellowship with soup and sandwiches. I would highly encourage and strongly recommend that when the Ecumenical committee presents similar events; we would all make an effort to participate; you will be greatly enriched.
The Ecumenical committee and the events they plan and sponsor remind us that, although there are some differences (and some are significant) in the way the different Christian Denominations pray and celebrate the Faith; there is a great deal that we have in common. Most significantly we share a common Baptism. Baptized in water in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, we become brothers and sisters in Christ and share in His Mission to spread the Good News of the Gospel; to be a Light to the nations and truly offer care, aid and support to those who are in need; without regard to ethnicity, creed or social condition.
Together, we can help spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a society and world that desperately needs to receive the Good News of Salvation, Hope, Peace, Fraternity and Joy.
God Bless, Fr. Dan

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