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A Note from Fr. Dan

As 2020 finally has come to an end, and we begin a New Year, I thought that it might be good to reflect on what was and look forward to what might be. Yes, 2020 was very difficult and we are all happy to see it behind us; but hopefully, we did learn some things from the experience:  the value of time spent with loved ones, to refocus on those things that are truly important, how to appreciate our health and value the gifts God has given to us. As we look forward to 2021, Pope Francis offers to St. Joseph for the new year. We have no recorded words that St. Joseph said, Matthew’s Gospel describes him as a righteous man, one who was obedient to the will of God God the Father entrusted to St. Joseph’s care His most precious gift, His only begotten Son, Jesus and His mother, the Virgin Mary. St. Joseph cared for them, protected them and provided for them. St. Joseph is the patron of the Universal Church and a model for all who quietly strive to know and do the will of God.
St. Joseph, pray for us.
God Bless, Fr. Dan

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