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We are committed to fostering spiritual growth and to responding to the human needs of both our faith community and the larger community by sharing our gifts and resources.


Carlo Acutis International Exhibition June 8/9

Carlo Acutis International Exhibition of the Eucharistic Miracles of the World
“The digital world can expose you to the risk of self-absorption and isolation. But there are young people even there who show creativity and even genius. Like Carlo” -Pope Francis
Part of Carlo’s Eucharistic Miracles Exhibition will be here at St. Francis Xavier on the weekend of June 8/9 following the Masses. Come and See!!

Golf Tournament!!

2024 3rd Annual Father Mike Donovan Scholarship Golf Tournament
Sunday, July 7th @ 1pm

Sign up with this form!  Or use the QR code on the signs outside our Church!
Not a golfer? Come anyway and enjoy 18 holes of golf, riding around in a cart and prizes! You are welcome to attend dinner afterwards or purchase a tee-sponsorship. We also need lending hands to make specialty baskets, set up, serve dinner or clean up afterwards. Any monetary donations are welcome for this great cause. Thank you for supporting the youth of our parish community in any way possible!
*Look for signs outside our Church for more information and details.

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A Note from Fr. Dan – Faith?

Dear Parish Family,
I remember the weekend after 9/11; the Churches were as full as they were at any Christmas or Easter. The same was true of parishes of all denominations. We were reminded that we need God, not only in our personal lives, but in our Civic and National life as well. Unfortunately, as the weeks went on the attendance dropped and it seemed that many other ‘priorities’ took precedence over faith in God and the Church at prayer. It is interesting that many turn to God only in their need, or time of crisis or expect God to do our bidding or on demand whenever I think about Him or need Him or like Santa Clause; giving me what I want when I want it without condition or exception? Is God a part of my daily life, my professional life, my family life, our national and Civic life? God is not a magician and faith is not a magic incantation. God desires to be an active part of our lives; in difficult times as well as well as when things are going well. So I need to ask myself: Do I really believe in the God of Revelation and Tradition; the Judeo-Christian God of Scripture; or do I believe God owes me, because after all, I know better than God and I certainly don’t want to be looked at ‘funny’ by the ‘modern world’ and secular society. Am I one of those to whom Jesus could say: “O you of little faith.” God Bless, Fr. Dan

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